Will You Stand The Test Of Time?

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I dunno about you but I’m a massive fan of old school training, you can forget about your 60 mins of treadmill and elliptical machine shite, gimme body weight, random objects, ropes, tyres, suspension and bands anyway. Not only that though I’m also a massive fan of the old school actors or action heroes like Stallone, Willis, Arnold, even Segal and the lone wolf Norris too.

Them guys have stood the test of time – lots of other gimmicky, one trick pony actors have come and gone but these guys (whether you like them or loathe them) have been around the block and have been ber successful because they stick to doing what they do best (for the most part anyways). We’ll not talk about the dodgy movies they done, but the likes of Rocky, Rambo, Terminator, Die Hard, Under Siege & Predator have and will always be legendary movies…

The reason I titled this post as “are you expendable” is because (yeah you guessed it) just last weekend “The Expendables 2” came out. Stallone, Statham, Lee, Lundgren, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Norris, Van Daame all in the one movie, what action movie buff wouldn’t want to see that? I loved the first movie “The Expendables” – it’d never win any major movie awards but that’s not the point, the movie was specifically made to be kick ass action movie and that’s exactly what it is, like ronseal says:

“it does exactly what it says on the tin.”

With the stars of “The Expendables” you know exactly what you’re in store for – pure action, lots of fighting and tonnes of explosives… Epic – leave your brain at the door stuff.

Stick To The Basics – No Matter What

Your training should be the same – not suggesting you go into the gym packing heat or anything, although you could go in there and throw a few grenades on all those nasty machines (terminator and Arnold Schwarzenegger style)

In terms of your training give yourself the best chance of success – do what’s best for you and your goals – stick to the basics – don’t look for any frills or spills-the basics and poundage progression that’s what delivers the results. Just look at the actors in the movies – they’re all well past their prime and every one of them was in peak condition.

Now before a big debate ensues over whether or not some of them use HGH – forget that – regardless they still have to have the determination and dedication to train and eat well day in day out. Fair play to all of them.

On the movie, I really enjoyed it, (even if I was there on my own) – yeah so what I sometimes go cinema on my own – I have friends (I think) but just fancied a bit of leave your brain at the door action so I went. Anyways they let ya do cool things like play in the popcorn (see above) when ya go on your own.

While I was there I didn’t tackle any of that nasty cinema food though – no thanks, I did enough treating at my sister’s wedding the weekend before. So basically the core of this post is all about one thing, guns, knifes and big ass explosives…..

Na not really, if you stick to what you know in terms your own training and nutrition, stick to the basics, focus on getting them right what you’ll find is that not only are you NOT “Expendable” – you’ll actually find that you’re gonna stand the test the time just like Stallone, Arnold, Willis, Norris and Van Damme etc.

Plus on an aside, them guys as they said in the movie ‘should be in museums’ but because of their commitment to their own health and fitness goals – they have remained in peak condition well into their 50′s, 60′s and 70′s.

What’s your excuse?

Get after it – don’t be ‘Expendable’.


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