What’s the Ideal Age to Start High Intensity Strength Training?


The key variables that should be considered and carefully reviewed prior to a young person starting their new high intensity strength training program are:

#1 Age

#2 Hormone levels

#3 Athletic sports (current participation)

#4 Level of maturity

#5 Personal medical history of medical conditions and injuries

#6 Medical clearance (from family physician)

These variables must be considered and understood by all parties-the young athlete; the parents; and the trainer. A short interview with the athlete and their parents will determine their maturity level. When all the variables have been thoroughly examined and the athlete has obtained clearance from their family physician, then and only then can the young athlete begin their own high intensity strength training program. They should also have a good understanding of the purpose of high intensity workouts. By setting up achievable short range and long range high intensity strength training goals, they will:

#1-Improve their functional ability as an athlete

#2-Prevent and reduce potential injuries during athletic competition

#3-Obtain a positive change in their male physique or female figure

With good judgement from all parties involved, young athletes can benefit from a carefully planned and well-executed strength training program.

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