Slower Strength Training workouts are Safer and More Productive!

“When in doubt-slow it down”. These are words that usually imply how to play it safe whether you are driving a 4-wheeler or motorcycle or performing your high intensity strength training workout.

Research has shown repeatedly that lifting and lowering a weight in a smooth fashion during your strength training workout is much more productive and safer than using an explosive style of high intensity training. So where does the confusion lie?

Proper strength training’s main objective is to build strength instead of demonstrating strength. There is a profound difference!

For example: If you choose to compete in the sport of weight-lifting, then you must attempt a maximum lift one time. This one-time lift involves momentum, leverage, and power and this style of training necessary for weight-lifting competition has cross-pollinated to the exercise and fitness business. Remember, a weight lifting competition is one thing but a proper strength training workout can be quite different!

The ideal High Intensity Strength Training workout should be performed in a slow smooth form where momentum is reduced or even eliminated. Each repetition of each strength training routine exercise should be performed at a cadence of 2-3 seconds on the position movement and 3-4 seconds on the negative (lowering portion) movement.

For the Baby Boomers and Seniors, a slower speed of movement when performing high intensity strength training workout is highly recommended. You can experiment with the following rep counts for your strength training routine:

5-seconds up; 5-seconds down (Positive/Negative Rep)

5-seconds up; 10-seconds down (Positive/Double Negative Rep)

10-seconds up; 10-seconds down (Positive/Negative Rep)

Remember, regardless of the slower rep count you choose for your strength training routine (from above choices), your potential to gain muscle mass will be greater and your injury potential will be lessened.

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