A Secret Tip to Reduce Muscle Soreness after High Intensity Strength Training

Have you ever performed a set of barbell squats and within 48 hours you could barely get up and walk? Well, if you are strength training with intensity you probably have experienced soreness many times!

Conversely, have you performed a hard set of leg extensions and experienced absolutely no muscle soreness whatsoever and wondered why?

Muscle soreness has been a physiological phenomenon that still puzzles and alludes the top exercise physiologists and medical researchers today.

They have found it difficult to identify:

the exact cause of muscle soreness

the prevention for muscle soreness

the remedy or cure for muscle soreness

Muscle soreness is misnamed because muscles do not have the type of nerves required to indicate pain. Because of this there are several theories of the cause of muscle soreness and two of them are:

#1-Lactic acid build-up in the muscle

#2-Muscle tearing

Usually when strength training, you will experience some soreness that will diminish in a few days. One Tip that has been recommended that may reduce or even eliminate soreness is:

When you take a layoff or if you have not strength trained in a while, or you have over-trained, train three days in a row. That’s right, three workouts for three days in a row in this manner:

Workout Day 1- Regular High Intensity Workout to momentary muscular failure

Workout Day 2- Lighter than usual High Intensity Workout not to muscular failure

Workout Day 3- Lighter than usual High Intensity Workout not to muscular failure

Rest & Recover-48 to 72 hours

For example, if you normally can complete 12-15 squats in a workout, then on workout days 2 and 3, reduce the number of reps to 8 and do not go to momentary muscular failure.

If you follow this proven method, you should see the soreness start to diminish on workout day 2 and be reduced significantly or completely gone after workout day 3 (instead of many days of unbearable muscle soreness).

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