Power-up your Golf Game with High Intensity Strength Training

Talk to any golfer from the Pro to the weekend amateur and the conversation will be along these lines:

“Maybe if I buy this new club, I will hit the ball longer”
“If I go to this new Golf Clinic I will learn how to hit the ball longer”

If you analyze these two statements, there is an interesting correlation but one goal – most golfers desire to “hit the ball longer”. The fact is most golfers, since the inception of the game of modern golf, have been and continue to look for the “secret” to hitting the ball longer when in actuality there is no “secret” but pure facts for every golfer to learn. Golfers who have undertaken high intensity training workouts have all increased their driving distance on the golf course.

Playing golf puts incredible stress on all the joints – the spine, hip, knees, elbows shoulders, and neck which could result in golfers suffering some form of orthopedic injury during their life. These injuries could reduce or prevent them from playing golf. High Intensity Strength Training will improve their golf game and will reduce the potential and severity of injuries by making the muscles, ligaments, and tendons stronger, more functional and durable.

Everyone knows that golf requires a specific set of skills that must be practiced, however, the “smart golfer” can use the “secret” of adding two weekly high intensity strength training workouts to his or her schedule to improve their overall golf game including hitting that ball longer!


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