Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Fast with Strength Training

Most fitness enthusiasts are of the opinion that aerobic based exercise aka steady state training is the key to burning and therefore reducing your body fat percentages. There is some truth to that belief but at what cost?

Aerobic-based exercises are low in intensity and to be effective at all must be performed without rest for a minimum of 10 minutes and sometimes as long as 60 minutes (depending on the activity). Studies have shown that the cardiovascular system can be improved in a matter of weeks from this style of training however again -“at what cost”.

All activities have Pros & Cons and aerobic or steady-state training does have a downside which is the pounding of the joints. If jogging is performed regularly, then the joints take the pounding which can lead to the following:

Arthritis in all joints

Ankle, knee, and hip injuries

There are two other downsides to performing aerobic or steady-state training exclusively which are:

Loss of Flexibility

Loss of Muscle Mass and Strength

There is a better way to exercise and get the “aerobic effect” and lose body fat faster without pounding your joints and risking loss of flexibility, muscle mass, and strength and that exercise is Proper Strength Training.

First of all, we know that “the harder the exercise the better the results for losing fat”, however you do not have to compromise all the downsides of pure aerobic training. Progressive strength training with intensity will provide all the Pros of aerobic training plus proper strength training will increase your ability to lose fat and gain lean muscle faster while strengthening your muscles and joints.

Here is how it works for you:

As you make progress in your proper strength training program you provide the necessary stimulus to increase your muscle mass and increase your strength. By increasing your lean muscle mass during your proper strength training you will lose fat fast. By increasing your lean muscle you will ultimately burn more calories during the performance all activities but especially during your strength training workouts.

This cycle sustains itself during strength training and strength training only that is, building more lean muscle, burning more calories, and ultimately reducing body fat faster!

Proper Strength Training during a High Intensity Workout will:

Build muscle

Burn more calories and Body Fat

Increase Muscle Mass

Strengthen the Joints (ligaments & tendons)

By increasing the strength of your joints (knees, hips, neck & back, shoulders, arms) you will reduce your potential for injuries rather than creating a potential for injuries and increase your quality of life.

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