How Intermittent Fasting Strength Training Combined Will Give You A Lean Ripped “Hollywood Body”

You’ll Look Great, Feel Great, and Have More Energy Than You Ever Had Before!

Hi. Im Dave Clark. I remember two years ago I was back home from a trip and decided to look at some photos… at first glance, I didn’t recognise myself.

The man boobs, the beer belly. It took me a few seconds to realise it was really me, I was embarrassed to look at those photos, it felt as if Id hit rock bottom in terms of health and I never wanted to see myself this way again, I decided I’m going to change.

I knew I needed a clear goal to aim for, I had to decide what kind of body I want and create a game plan to achieve it.

I started searching for bodybuilding online and all I was seeing is huge pumped guys that eat 6 times per day and workout 6 times per week. It wasn’t for me, all those supplements and pills, all the testosterone and ego flowing in the forums, the world of bodybuilding started to creep me out.

The first thing that came to mind was the clean look of Brad Pitt in Snatch, he’s lean, he’s ripped, women are attracted to him, men respect and envy him, I couldn’t have asked for more.

To be honest, I have no idea why anyone would want to look big and pumped, unless he’s competing and his income is on the line.

I decided to do a simple thing, create a comparison table of all body types, and try to see what was the body type that answered my 4 criterias for an optimal physique.

The four criterias I had for an optimal body were:
1. I didn’t care about strength, bulk, pump or any of that. I just wanted to be healthy and attractive.1. Easy to achieve.
2. Easy to maintain.
3. Provides maximum health and lifespan.
4. Provides maximum sex appeal.

I wanted to feel comfortable in a shirt without any man boobs and other fat-zones sticking out.

From all types of bodies, the only one that answered all the 4 criteria’s was the ripped Hollywood body, so I decided to go for it and started looking into the workouts of Hollywood celebrities…

The Problem With Celebrity Workouts

If you look at most Hollywood celebrity workouts & diets, you will notice they fall into the category of overcomplicated, too strict and very mentally challenging regimens. The 6 meals per day regimen is just too inconvenient to follow through, and the 6 workouts per week is just not possible for a normal busy person in the long run.

Most celebrities also have a 24/7 personal trainer who tells them what to do and what to eat, that’s maybe the reason why they are able to follow through their programs when preparing for a movie.

But what happens after the movie is finished? Many of those celebrities lose their physique quickly and get fat.

There are two main reasons for that:

  1. Their approach is too hard and strict to stick to in the long run. The 6 workouts per week and 6 meals per day is not a practical solution, especially for the normal busy person.
  2. Most celebrity workouts are focused around isolation exercises. Isolation exercises don’t build muscle density, and result in pumped, bloated muscle that is lost quickly once you stop training.

A Better Approach for achieving and maintaining a lean and ripped physique?

After realizing that even the training and diet regimens of Hollywood stars are not optimal for achieving and maintaining a lean and ripped physique.

I was set on a journey to find the optimal way for achieving this goal.

The workout needed to be simple, effective and require low investment of time, and the diet needed to be efficient and easy enough to stick to in the long run.

After much research and personal experimentation, I’ve finally found the diet & workout protocols that allowed me to achieve the ripped physique, and maintain it all year-round without much effort.

Introducing Intermittent Fasting and Strength Trainingrn

It maximizes stubborn fat loss, maximizes lifespan, and recomposes your body into LEAN proportions.

The idea around intermittent fasting is that you fast for 16 hours (8 of which you sleep) and then have an 8 hour window where you eat your meals.

On the workout side, I’ve found that strength training is the optimal way to achieve and maintain a ripped physique without much effort and time investment on your part.

How it works? By focusing on compound multi-joint movements that work your entire body.

In fact, the entire strength training regimen revolves around just 5 compound movements that work the entire body and build a high density, strong, long-lasting muscles that give your physique ripped muscle definition (instead of the common pump definition). There are no ab crunches, bicep curls, leg extensions and other worthless, time-consuming isolation exercises.

Let’s get into some of the benefits of intermittent fasting and strength training.

Why Intermittent Fasting

  1. Convenient – you don’t need to think about food all day long, and you get less hungry and more productive on your 16 hour fast.
  2. Sustainable in the long run – the diet is not mentally challenging, you eat 3 meals in your 8 hour window. And you’re encouraged to enjoy your favorite foods on weekends.
  3. Burns stubborn fat – the technical jargon behind losing trouble fat (man boobs and belly) is that you need to deactivate a2 receptors, and activate b2 receptors in those areas. That’s exactly what fasting does. On the 6 meals per day you’re almost all the time in the FED state, instead of the FASTED state.
  4. Makes cardio optional – great news, your fat loss is managed 100% by this diet, you can get down to 6% body fat without spending a second on the treadmill. However, I did find that low intensity cardio in the 12th-16th hours of the fast will speed up your fat burn in hard-to-get areas, like chest and belly. It was found that on these hours your body uses stubborn fat exclusively as its energy source.

Summary: Intermittent fasting is the simplest way for getting and staying lean at single digit body fat all year round.

Its not a diet you do for 3 months until you reach your goal, it’s a lifelong lifestyle approach that will allow you to maintain a lean, sexy body for the rest of your life.

Why Strength Training

  1. Requires much less time – Because you engage multiple muscles on each exercise. You naturally need to perform fewer exercises which reduces your needed training time to just 3 fun workouts per week. Instead of working out 6 days per week.
  2. Builds ripped muscle definition – compound multi-joint movements build strong, high density muscles. While isolation exercises build pumped, bloated muscle that goes away as soon as you stop training.
  3. Healthiest way to develop your physique – while isolation exercises leave your body prone to injuries by creating muscle imbalances, strength training does the exact opposite. It develops your entire body in a kinetic chain that strengthens your muscles, tissues, tendons and ligaments in a perfectly balanced way.
  4. High fat burning effect – compound movements release HGH (human growth hormone) that leads to increased muscle strength and tone, and enhances fat metabolism. Single joint isolation exercises don’t have this benefit.

Summary: Strength Training is the simplest and least time consuming way to get a ripped physique. And 5 core exercises is all you need. No more dozens of isolation exercises.

A Final Note

The journey to achieving a ripped Hollywood body is fairly fun and pretty much straight forward when combining the protocols intermittent fasting and strength training.

I was able to recharge every weekend with my favorite cheat foods, and now after reaching my goal the maintenance is much more simple. You just can’t ignore the benefits of having a lean and ripped physique.

Intermittent fasting is a fantastic diet protocol that allows you to enter a prolonged calorie deficit without any hungers, mental challenges or strict rules.

Great energy, feel comfortable in clothes, look great, better skin, more confidence, more sex appeal, more attention, more respect and the list goes on…

This road is worth taking, we only live once after all, do you want to look back and regret for not making the progress? You will not get a feeling of self-accomplishment from being an average couch potato that spends time watching various TV series all day long, believe me, I’ve done that.

I really hope youve got something out of my experience.

Best of luck for getting lean ripped — I really hope it goes without a glitch.

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