How to Get a Fit Body-Get a Fit Attitude

How to Get a Fit Body

All holidays are filled with many opportunities to over eat, under exercise and for many of us, they are filled with stress. I won’t bore you with 7 tips on getting through a holiday party or 5 easy ways to get in your workout in 5 minutes. You’ve heard them before and I know you will hear them again. Maybe even from me.

There really are no new breakthroughs, exercises, supplements or reputable drugs. We are spending billions of dollars each year to get our hands on all this wonderful stuff that will supposedly change our lives only to finally figure out—it’s all lies.

So, if we have so much information available to us, why are we still overweight? Why are we stressed out and not living the life we so desperately want to have? Could it be our attitude?

Did you know according to a Stanford Research Institute study, success is 88 percent attitude and 12 percent education?

This is why I switched over to fitness coaching rather than just personal training. Most of us know, even instinctively, what to do and certainly what not to do but, we are burdened with so many other things in our lives that we get off balance.

We want a quick fix, someone else to do it for us, etc. Really what we need is sound nutrition (not deprivation), moderate exercise, a healthy relationship with God and consistency.

For example: Our goal is to take the family to Disneyworld on vacation. First, we pack our clothes but then get frustrated, give up and unpack. The next time we get the suitcases all the way to the car but give up again and return the suitcases to the house. Next, we drive 1 hour of the 12 hour drive, give up and turnaround. You see where I’m going with this right? Unless we follow through to completion, we will never make our goal of taking the family to Disneyworld.

Unless we follow through and we are consistent with a healthy lifestyle we will never reach our goal.

Many times we think we aren’t worth it, don’t have time, or maybe it’s vanity to care about our health and how you look. Being a martyr does not make us a more devout Christian. I believe that’s a lack of self-love and if we can’t love ourselves, how can we love others? I would agree if it’s the only thing we think of—that’s vanity.

But, speaking on general fitness and health—don’t we glorify God by having a healthy body? Imagine if we had a good balance of physical and spiritual health; could that make us effective witnesses for God? Hmmmm….I’m thinking this could work. God has great plans for us but unless we are healthy and feeling good, we will never fully experience the joy, peace, or have the energy God wants to bless us with.


Want a fit body andspirit–get a fit attitude!



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