Build Lean Muscle Fast with a Training Partner

Here’s a specialized multi-function high intensity strength training routine that will help you build lean muscle fast.

When performing this routine it is necessary to have a training partner that will monitor and push you to get that “Last Rep”. Having a training partner will assure you of 100% of effort and protect you from possible injury. Be sure to keep accurate records of your pulse rate, reps, and resistance and always record your start and finish time of this high intensity workout:

Exercise Cycle I

#1 – Full Squat or Leg Press machine (20 Reps)

No Rest; immediately go to Pullover

#2 – Pullover machine (8 to 12 reps)

Exercise Cycle II

Repeat Exercise Cycle I with same weight or resistance

Rest & Water Up!

Exercise Cycle III

#1 – Negative only chins

#2 – Negative only dips

Exercise Cycle IV

Repeat Exercise Cycle III with same weight or resistance

Rest & Water up!

(Record your strength training workout time and pulse rate)

Aim to complete this specialized multi-function routine in less than 12 minutes. Be aware that you may need to rest & water up between all cycles at first. Do not train on this high intensity routine more than once a week. As you become stronger your strength training workout time may reduce.

This is a simple yet tough high intensity routine will take your strength training to the next level. Your muscle and strength building results should be noticeable after only a few weeks of training.

Remember: The harder the exercise the greater the stimulation, the longer your recovery between strength training workouts so don’t rush into the next workout without a rest & recovery of at least 48-72 hours.

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