The Best Medicine is Exercise for Seniors

By implementing an exercise program for seniors, they will potentially have a better quality of life and in many cases, they can live life “medication free”.

There are 4 key modified high intensity strength training exercises which are recommended for seniors because as the aging process takes place, it becomes difficult to bend down and push-up with your legs and arms. Two very visible physical changes may be avoidable with specific strength training exercises for seniors. These are:

The senior’s head starts to tilt forward

The senior’s posture begins slumping toward a stooping round-shouldered effect and the spine compresses both causing a reduction in height

The following 4 key strength training exercises for seniors, if performed two or three times per week, can bring back that senior to a level of functional ability that no other form of exercise is capable of doing:

Exercise #1-Leg Press Squat (Legs & Buttocks)

Exercise #2-Seated Dip (Triceps & Chest)

Exercise #3-Seated Row (Biceps & Upper Back)

Exercise #4-Manual or 4-way Neck (Posterior Extension of the Neck)

These 4 exercises for seniors, if performed in strict form two or three times per week, will allow the senior to stay stronger for longer so they can continue their daily activities at home and remain active in their favorite sports & recreation.

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