8 Tips for Maximum Muscle Mass Growth

Each year millions of teenagers jump on the weight training bandwagon seeking the secrets to building bigger muscles fast! They buy into the muscle magazines articles with pictures of Mr. Universe and Mr. America (both past and present) pertaining to what it takes to be a champion body builder not understanding that the goal of the article is to sell more magazines, supplements, books, DVDs, etc. Then after they receive the products they soon become disenchanted with the course because after many attempts they just can’t achieve those over-exaggerated quick goals to look like the champions.

So if you want to experience Muscle Mass Growth then follow these 8 Proper Strength Training Keys that will help you develop maximum gains in both strength and muscle mass safely in a minimum amount of time.

8 Proper Strength Training Tips

Tip #1- Stimulation of the muscle is the main key

For maximum muscular growth you need maximum muscle stimulation!

Tip #2Strength Training exercises must be intense

Intense Strength Training exercises produce greater results.

Tip #3Strength Training workouts must be brief

Intense strength training workouts must be brief!

Tip #4Strength Training workouts must be progressive

Each exercise must be performed to momentary muscular failure and the trainee should increase the # of repetitions or amount of resistance (weight) or both for each strength training workout.

Tip #5Never accelerate or “explode” against a resistance (weight)

Move slowly when strength training which is both safer and more productive.

Conversely, a weight lifting contest is the only place where there should be a demonstration of strength. Your goal should be to gain strength and muscle mass.

Tip #6Hydrate with water before, during, and after your strength training workouts

Tip #7- Muscles must be fed to build lean muscle mass

Eat a balanced diet of lean protein, non-saturated fats, and complex carbohydrates in 5-6 mini-meals every day.

Tip #8Rest is the key for maximum muscle mass growth

Allow for 48-72 hours between strength training workouts and get plenty of rest.

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