3 Great Ways To Shake Up Your Strength Training Workouts

Been at your strength training workouts for a while? Feeling like if you have to go into that gym and perform another one of those same sessions you may just lose it?

Failing to every switch things up in their strength training workout is one of the biggest mistakes some people make. Your body gets bored – and you get bored as well. Boredom is a big factor in the drop-out rates you see at the gym so your job is to find a way to battle this.

By shaking up your strength training workouts, you do just that.

Here’s what you need to do to beat bored and get on the path to results.

Add In A New Exercise

One of the simplest ways to battle boredom and create some change in your strength training workouts is to add in a new exercise. Always doing squats? Try lunges instead.

Or, if you have always used the standard bench press, maybe now you should try it with dumbbells instead. Remember that any exercise you add into your strength training workouts will help invoke strength gains as long as it’s performed with high intensity.

Don’t let yourself slack. Choose an exercise and go after it.

Swap The Order

Another way to switch up your strength training workouts is to simply swap the order of exercises. If you typically perform bench press and then do barbell rows, reverse it. See how your muscles like that.

Even such a small change will get those muscles sitting up and realizing they are no longer in their ‘comfort zone’ and that’s what produces better results.

Try A New Lifting Medium

Finally, another method you can use to shock your body with your strength training workouts is to try a new lifting medium. While classic dumbbells and barbells are great, it may be time to try something new. Add a few kettlebell exercises into the mix or try doing some exercises using a cable system.

This will apply a slightly different pattern of stress to the muscles during the strength training workouts helping you get better results.

So be sure you don’t overlook the boredom factor in your workouts. Don’t ever let those muscles get too comfortable with your strength training workouts. When they do, that’s when progress stops dead in its tracks.


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