Does a Harder Strength Training Workout Really Equal Greater Strength Training Results?

In today’s exercise field the majority of participants have been grossly misled to believe that more time put in the gym will produce greater strength training results. That is not true and is especially not true when it comes to building muscular strength and size. Currently, the majority of people incorporate some type of weight […]

Do You Know Your Key Indicator for Greater Muscular Strength Development?

  Research shows that “neurological efficiency”  (a person’s ability to utilize a certain percentage of mucsle in a given response) varies from person to person. Those who possess high “neurological efficiency” are able to contract a higher percentage of muscle mass which gives them an advantage in muscular strength and power. These individuals with lower […]

High Intensity Strength Training Equals Every One’s Fitness Foundation

Research has shown that those who participate in physical activity produce significant benefits that enhance their Quality of Life and may extend one’s life! For our Baby Boomers and Seniors, the latest information shows that physical activity in the form of high intensity strength training improves overall health by providing: More energy and a higher […]

A Secret Tip to Reduce Muscle Soreness after High Intensity Strength Training

Have you ever performed a set of barbell squats and within 48 hours you could barely get up and walk? Well, if you are strength training with intensity you probably have experienced soreness many times! Conversely, have you performed a hard set of leg extensions and experienced absolutely no muscle soreness whatsoever and wondered why? […]

Metabolic Circuit Training

Metabolic circuit training is one of the most popular strength training routines. It is a combination of resistance training and interval training. It combines the elements of the two workouts that allow you to burn fat fast through intensive cardio without disrupting your ability to build muscles which you usually get through weight training. This […]