No More Dead End Dining…

Don’t ya just hate it when this happens??

You’re out and about and ya get that peckish feeling, ya look around for the latest shop or cafe/restaurant and well to put it bluntly there all sh*te. You’re cornered in a dead end where all you see is McDonalds this or Burger King that, but since your hungry you venture in and reluctantly (hopefully!) scoff down a Supersized Big Mac meal with large drink and a sundae (oh sure while you’re there ya might as well). Now if these types of restaurants on your list of favourites – take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask the question – do these places help me or hinder me from achieving my fitness goals? No prizes for the answer by the way…

Anyways, has this scenario ever happened to you? Well you only had two options right? It was either eat these foods or nothing at all right? Wrong! There was the third option, have something prepared, that’s quick to make, nutritionally balanced, will help keep you fuller for longer and above all is frickin delicious. What are they? My Expect Success Whey Protein Oatmeal Pancakes.

Given that it was pancake Tuesday yesterday I thought I give my own take on pancakes – these’ll not disappoint

Here’s some I made on Sunday,

Wanna know the recipe, you can put anything in them, some of my favourites are:

  • Apple, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Flaxseed & Choc Protein Powder
  • Strawberries, Flaxseed & Vanilla protein powder
  • Peanut Butter (100% Natural), Flaxseed & Choc protein powder.

These are also an excellent pre workout meal as there balanced with complex carbs, and protein which will keep you nicely fuelled for when you’re “gittin it done”.

There portable too and can be wrapped in tinfoil to be carried, they’ll store in fridge for a couple of days and you could even freeze them if you wanted, I tend not to because well there so easy to make, no point when ya can make them fresh in about 5 mins

Try them, trust me you love’m. If you have any suggestions for recipes, be sure to let me know, I’m always experimenting with mine.

Now what if you’re out and about and ya don’t have an oatmeal pancake handy? Well if you avoid the crappy fast food chain places there are a number of healthy places you can eat. Just be sure to be mindful of what you’re eating and watch out for those “hidden” calories that could make your meal into an unnecessary overload. Some tips to help you:

  • Choose grilled chicken or turkey breast over deli meats. The deli meats are not the worst in the world but there usually just loaded with fillers and sodium.
  • If you’re after a sandwich or bap – choose a wholegrain variety. The flour in white bread and rolls is just made from refining the grains over and again leaving them pretty much nutritionally worthless, plus wholegrain varieties are more satiating (keeps you fuller longer).
  • Looking for some dressing? Why not try a spicy salsa, loaded with nutrients and heat properties of the chillis have shown to have an increase on the thermic effect of food.
  • Something to wash it all down? Good o’l H20 with a splash of No added sugar cordial is my fav..

So where do eat out I hear you asking? Well in where I live one place I really like is Mr. Waffle. They specialise in crepes, waffles (obviously), sandwiches, salads & all things coffee. Trust me it’s pretty damn tasty too. One item on their menu I really like is the Mango, Advocado & Chicken salad. Very very tasty. So next time you’re in my area and you’re peckish and ya don’t have one of my Expect Success Fitness Oatmeal Pancakes defo visit Mr. Waffle – they won’t disappoint.



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