You Cannot Out-Train a Bad Diet

Anyways, today I want to talk to you about something specific. Working your butt off in the gym or on your Galway personal training program is great but all this hard work ain’t worth truck all if you haven’t got your nutrition dialled in. Quite simply you cannot out train a bad diet. You’re simply doing yourself no favours if you train hard all week just to blow it all away at the weekends. I’m not gonna ripe on too much about what you should and should not be doing but you have to realise that you’re only holding yourself back when you make bad choices nutritionally. And worst of all – after you make that choice you almost always regret it instantaneously – wouldn’t you agree?

The art of substitution:

Rather than tell you eat this, don’t eat that I’m gonna do something different, I’m gonna offer up some alternatives for the main culprits that hold you back on your journey towards your fitness goals.

Pizza: Yeah it’s delicious, quick, and so readily available. It’s also loaded with umpteen’s amount of salt, saturated fats and refined carbohydrates and is often loaded with more than (sometimes double) your daily caloric intake.

Why not try homemade pizza. This way you know what’s going in it. You can customise it and things always taste nicer when ya make them yourselves right? I like to make pizza using tortilla wraps as the base, my favourite toppings to include are: tomato puree, mushrooms, spinach, jalopenos, peppers, torn chicken breast and cottage cheese. Delicious and you can make it all in fewer than 300 calories. Taste the exact same if not better. Guilt free too.


Now the debate on alcohol and its effects on training deserve more than just a paragraph, in fact there have been books written on this topic. Look we all like a drink now and again, I’m no different (I have cut back quite a lot however – can ya say 2-3 day hangovers? No thanks!) But you can make wiser choices when out. If you’re a beer drinker go for a lighter variety, if you’re a spirits drinker – make your mixer a low calorie or no calorie one.

Mayo and other condiments/dressings: You know butter’s bad for you but Mayo can be just as bad. People have this notion that since it’s healthier than butter you can go mad with it and pile it into everything. A tablespoon of regular mayo has 90 calories whereas a tablespoon of lighter than light mayo only has 15 calories and it tastes the same too. Also when making sauce based dishes – ditch the high sugar/cream ones such as sweet and sour and carbonarra go for a tomato based one instead.

Grilling: Try grilling your steak and meats instead of frying them. Frying of foods actually renders them nutritionally useless as your basically burning and scorching all the nutrients out of them. If you fancy some fish – substitute the battered variety for some steamed fish or grilled.

One important thing to remember when following a personal training, exercise and nutritional program is not to have the “It’s ok, I’ll do an extra session of training to make up for it.” Don’t kid yourself – it doesn’t work that way you can’t out train a bad diet. Full Stop. No iffs, butts or maybes. What you can do is start incorporating small changes (one at a time) into your lifestyle – become comfortable with the change and then adopt another one. Then rinse and repeat and you’re onto a winner.

Making these small changes will reap big rewards – as the saying goes – small hinges swing big doors – or something like that:). Have you any favourite foods that you cannot say no to? If you do let me know and I’ll offer an alternative that will be just as nice but will also come with added benefits of helping you achieve your goal not hold you back. Here’s what I want you to do. Leave a comment below telling me your biggest food soft spot. I’ll offer up a healthy alternative that will be just as good, fair enough?

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