Avoid Canned Food When Strength Training

Is Canned Food an Enemy?

No amount of working out will work if you are not eating right. In fact, the basic of all strength training tips is eating healthy.
Canned foods have been notorious for having harmful artificial chemicals. Over time the negative effects become worse. One class of chemical known as xenoestrogens has the potential to cause acute health problems as well as increasing abdominal fats and cause estrogenic effects.

Bisphenol A (BPA).

The best bodyweight workout can be easily destroyed by unhealthy substances you put in your body. Part of the compound that makes up plastic bottles and lining of tin cans is the BPA.

Animal studies, at small doses, have linked various health issues to BPA such as cancer, metabolic disorders, heart disease, diabetes, fertility problems and birth defects or even miscarriages. BPA is a known xenoestrogen and if taken in large quantities it causes accumulation of abdominal fat in the body.

The rate at which BPA leaches into the packaged food is mostly determined by two factors – shelf time and the temperature. The longer they stay on the shelf and the higher temperature the faster the BPA saturates the food. It is enough to destroy your bodyweight workout.
According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in a CDC study, BPA was detected in the bodies of 95% of those tested in the US. (Please note that this is a worldwide concern and not restricted to the United States alone). However, there are some scary reports by Environmental Working Group which stipulate that a single serving to a pregnant woman would expose her to BPA levels of factor 5 which are associated with defective child births or even permanent damage to development of male organs.

They also reported that low doses of BPA are a catalyst to the formation of fat cells which are the major factor which causes obesity in humans. That is the enemy of all bodyweight workouts.

There are some measures that you would take which would greatly reduce your exposure to BPA and thus its negative effects on your health.

  1. Avoid canned goods. If you must buy canned foods than go for those that are packed in glass containers.
  2. If taking canned foods is unavoidable or it is your inclination, then go the extra mile to make certain that the packaging is free of BPA by carefully reading through the labels.
  3. Since tomato products are the worst offenders here, you should avoid the canned variants and go for those that are packed in glass bottles unless it is implicitly specified on the plastic can that it is free of BPA.
  4. Since you might use containers that are made of plastic to store your food, it is wise to inspect the amount of BPA in those containers. Some manufacturers of these plastic products have labels on those containers which states whether those containers are BPA-free or not.
  5. Never microwave your food while it is wrapped in plastic containers as it increases the leaching of chemicals which might comprise of the BPA.
  6. Avoid aluminum bottles that have BPA positive lining.
  7. Keep off soda cans, the EWG analysis showed that 42% of these soda cans have BPA. Beside soda destroys you bodyweight workout.
  8. Never take hot liquids like tea and coffee from plastic cups.

Since interaction with these unhealthy chemicals is to some extent inevitable, you can safeguard your body from the full wrath of these chemicals by consuming some very powerful phytonutrients in foods like onions, garlic, green teas, chamomile and cruciferous vegetables. Remember, the best food to support your bodyweight workout is to go natural and healthy. That is the best among all strength training tips.

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