The REAL Truth About Carbs

In the last 30 years, carbs have become the “bad guys on the block”.

Millions of people today are afraid of them and desperately try to lose weight by minimizing/avoid them.

This is of course nonsense, and carbs are amazing nutrient for your body. For superior fat loss, muscle development, optimal body and brain function.

We’ve all had our love-hate relationships with carbs, we’ve all heard about no-carb, low-carb diets, we’re all confused about whether  carbs are good or bad, now it’s time to set the record straight and reveal the real truth about carbs.

Clarification: ‘carbs’ on this article are referred to grain based carbs (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc…).

There are carbs in vegtables, but super low amounts, you need to eat trees to meet your daily carb requirments, so from now on know that I’m referring to carbs as grain based carbs we all love to eat.

I will try to make this as short as simple to understand as possible, so lets get started…

Two facts about carbs:

  1. Grain based carbs are healthy and fantastic to our body.
  2. Grain based carbs are the number #1 cause of obesity in the world

These two facts don’t really add up, but the true reason is that most people abuse themselves with over-carbing.

It’s Not Your Fault

Joke… it is your fault.

Carbs are not the enemy, you are your own enemy.

If you’re obese/over-weight, you’re the ‘idiot’ that brought yourself there (I know I did)

Most diet gurus and programs will tell you “It’s not your fault” or “Carbs are bad” – This is of course B.S and they will say anything to sell you their shitty products.

It is your fault. And carbs are awesome!

The Truth About Carbs

“Low-Carb, No-Carb, Slow-Carb…”

All of this is stupid B.S invented by sneaky marketers that want to sell you their shitty products and ‘amazing new diet secrets’.

Its about SMART CARB consumption. Eating carbs at the right time, and the right quantity. You will enjoy all the benefits of carbs, without gaining a single ounce of fat.

The Roles of Carbs

Brain fuel

The brain needs a mixed fuel of carbs, protein and fat to function properly.
Take any of those away and you will feel anxious, dizzy, lathargic or even depressed.

When there aren’t enough carbs as fuel, you will feel deprived and develop sugar cravings…
Which inevitabely lead to compulsive bingeing.

Thus the ability to destroy weeks of progress in a matter of days.

Stress blocker

Carbs block cortisol (the stress hormone).
Carbs provide the ability to produce serotonin (a neurotransmitter that makes us feel calm, relaxed and happy)

Body fuel

Carbs are the cleanest fuel for energy.

The body breaks carbs into glucose as energy source without any toxic by products. The body does it efficiently and quickly. And carbs are cheap also. So it’s a win-win for you.

Protein and fat breakdown = there is toxic byproducts such as:
Ammonia, nitrates, free radicals, oxidized fatty acids.

It’s doesn’t mean you need to avoid protein and fats, it’s just to emphasize how efficient carbs are for the body.

How A Carb-Less Life Looks Like

In one word, miserable.

Effects of chronic carb deprivation:

  • Poor sleep
  • Anxiety, stress, depression and mood swings
  • Compromised ability to relax
  • Lowered metabolism
  • Possible accelerated aging process
  • Inability to focus due to non-calm mind

Gurus Eating Carbs In The Dark

Many anti-carb gurus and websites have risen and fallen over the years.

Eventually, they all break, they all understand they can’t keep with with a no carb diet, and they only bring harm to themselves and their followers.

A great example is – a major anti-carb/carbophobe community. The owner eventually broke down and admitted that he was wrong and can’t live anymore without carbs. He added carbs to his diet, improved body & mind, abandoned anti-carb mentality. And shut down the site.

There are many other examples of gurus today that have stranded themselves in the corner. They have books on Amazon that are against carbs, and now they can’t change their position, even though more truth is coming up the surface. They have to hide and eat their carbs under the table.

We won’t name names here, because there are plenty. We know they tried to make a positive effect on the world, and they get my respect, but they were just wrong and should admit it. Everyone makes mistakes, no shame in that…

Smart Carb Consumption

With proper timing, and quantity – you will not gain an ounce of fat from consuming carbs.

Whoever tells you to avoid carbs or have a low carb diet probably is emotionally miserable. Has low energy, poor brain functioning and bad sleep.

Grains are amazing source of energy for our brain and body, and are integral part of fat loss and muscle building.

Yes, this might be shocking to you, but this is the truth about grain based carbs (bread, rice, pasta etc…)

We shouldn’t blame the carbs, we should blame ourselves!

When To Consume Carbs

  • Postworkout
  • Evening

If you can schedule your workout to evening time, that’s great because this is the sweet-spot.

On non-training days, consume your carbs at evening time.

Carbs Quantity:

  • 100-250gm – Post Workout
  • 50-100gm – Rest Days (Evening time)

Why evening/night time carbs:

  • Relaxation
  • Satisfaction
  • Sense of pleasure
  • Improved sleep
  • Superior fat loss

Unless you’re an athlete, you can avoid eating complex-carbs during the day and focus only on consuming at evening time.
(Fruit and veggies as carbs during day allowed to everyone)

Try to time your workout to evening time (6-7).


Low to no carb diets will have tremendous negative effects on your body and mind, and most will fail in the long run.

Carbs are one of the 3 necessary nutrients for our body and brain.

You should enjoy quality carbs, guilt free.

Eat carbs in the right quantities, and timing. (Evening time, post-workout – more carbs, rest days – less carbs)

And you will not gain an ounce of fat and will only enjoy the benefits outlined at the beginning.

Talk soon,

Dave Clark

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