Build Lean Muscle Fast with a Training Partner

Here’s a specialized multi-function high intensity strength training routine that will help you build lean muscle fast. When performing this routine it is necessary to have a training partner that will monitor and push you to get that “Last Rep”. Having a training partner will assure you of 100% of effort and protect you from […]

Closed chain exercises & Open chain exercises

Fitness training experts have coined the terms closed-chain and open-chain that are used in the exercise/rehab field. Closed chain exercises involve more than one joint during a set of exercises in a strength training workout. Examples of these exercises are: Leg Press Chest Press Shoulder Press Chin ups Parallel Dips Open chain exercises involve only one […]

Does a Harder Strength Training Workout Really Equal Greater Strength Training Results?

In today’s exercise field the majority of participants have been grossly misled to believe that more time put in the gym will produce greater strength training results. That is not true and is especially not true when it comes to building muscular strength and size. Currently, the majority of people incorporate some type of weight […]