Lose a stone in a month – why you’re doing it wrong!!

Okay in the last post read it here – I reverse engineered exactly what losing a stone in a month or 28 days looks like. I mentioned that a stone is equal to 14 lbs which is equal to 49,000 calories and lard e dar etc (bad pun but hey – you try and think of one)!! I also discussed elephants and custard and how losing a stone in a month is not exactly linear – important point because our results and fluctuate like crazy each day and week. I just wanted to give you a breakdown of what you should be looking for.

At the end of my last post I also mentioned one thing that a lot of other sites and trainers promising the world fail to mention. Weight loss shouldn’t be your goal – if it is – you’re doing it wrong. Fat loss should be your goal. When you focus on fat loss and body Recomposition you may find you don’t have to lose a stone at all! Sounds crazy right?

Let’s jump right into my magical crystal ball example demonstrating machine for a second. Can that been a Christmas stocking filler this year. Anywho so imagine you visit How To Lose a Stone Fast and we sit down and discuss your goals and you tell me you have a stone to lose. Right that’s all well and good – what if you don’t though? Now I can make you drop a stone in no time at all – that’s easy but if we were to get you to drop a stone in a week, or 2 weeks there’s a big big chance that a lot (a helluva lot) of that weight would be made up of LBM (lean body mass). This isn’t good. LBM is what makes you sexy as hell. Fat doesn’t! Ergo we want you to shift your focus from weight loss to fat loss. I want you to preserve your LBM and add to it while burning the fat off. This is where the magic happens and you get that warm fuzzy feeling of looking your finest.

When you jump on your scales you only see half of the picture. It doesn’t portray everything. You may even be addicted to the weighing scales where in reality you may be better throwing it out the f*&%ing window. By tracking your bodyfat and not your bodyweight we can make sure you are preserving your LBM and burning fat instead of both. Again there will always be a little bit of LBM lost when dieting down but we want to minimise this a s much as possible.

Confused by my mad ramblings? Ok – let me put on my magic wizards hat and give you an example. Your 180 lbs and you want to lose a stone in a month. So in 28 days you want to get to 166lbs. with me so far? Now let’s look at it this way you could either:

A: Lose a stone or 14 lbs of weight and just focus at the scales – get down to 166lbs where you would just be a smaller version of yourself. The 14 lbs lost would be a mix of fat and LBM – for argument sake say a 50/50 split – 7lbs of fat and 7lbs of muscle.


B: Track fat loss instead of weight and focus on body Recomposition – in 28days you might just lose 10 lbs and go down to 170lbs but that 10lbs was nearly all fat and very little. By tracking fat loss we might see that these 10lbs could have been made up of 8lbs of fat and 2lbs of muscle (again just an example).

See the difference. In scenario B you are heavier by 4 lbs but you dropped more fat than LBM and you would have a leaner, sexier version of yourself.

What happens when we focus on fat loss and weight loss is insane – you transform you body into to the one you want, you actually will have more energy and confidence (looking sexy makes ya feel all fuzzy inside) and the beauty of all this is that it can be done while still enjoying your favourite foods AND spending less time in the gym.

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